Sage Creek Resort Moab

Sage Creek Resort in Moab is open to visitors year round. The heated pool and hot tub complex is a guest favorite. Located just a few minutes drive from downtown Moab, you'll find it a great location for all of your vacation needs. Stay at Sage Creek Resort for all of you Moab adventures. Relax from the Moab heat at the scenic pool. These units are set up to allow you to use them as a base-camp for your Moab stay. Sage Creek Resort is central to many 4x4, mountain bike, and hiking trails.

Are you interested in history? Check out the abundance of native american petroglyphs and ruins that surround Moab. The national parks surrounding Sage Creek Resort cater to an abundance of adventure and historical learning. Check out some of the best dinosaur tracks found around the Moab Area.

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Check out the amazing 4x4, and mountain bike trails that Moab has to offer. Schedule a rock climbing or skydiving session with some of our local businesses. Book a rafting company to ride some of the world class rapids on the Colorado River in Moab.

Regardless of your interests Sage Creek Resort in Moab has you covered for your overnight or vacation rental needs.

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