Aside from the heat, everybody loves Moab. Regardless of your backgrounds there is something for everyone in Moab. Take a drive along the river to enjoy the large red cliffs. Drive up to Dead horse State Park  to be awe inspired while overlooking the river. If you're an outdoor enthusiast then you'll love the camping, river-running, hiking, biking, climbing, skydiving, opportunities that Moab has to offer. If you're into cars, then enjoy riding 4X4 trails all over Moab. You can hardly go anywhere without see a jeep or a RZR out and about on the trails. Moab has world renown mountain biking trails along with world famous downhill races. Come run a Marathon or do a triathlon. Regardless of what you're into Moab has something to offer.

Moab is also world famous with it's connection to the past. Many famous dinosaur bones and footprints can be found among the trails. Some of the most unique full body fossils have been found in Moab. There are many famous Indian artifacts and Indian writing to be found among Moabs' scenery. Many people drive by them every day without even knowing they're there. Geologist come from across the globe to study some of Moabs unique geological features. Did you know that one of the reason Moab exists as it is, is because of the uranium boom?

If you're into wildlife, Moab is one of the places that you can run into big horn sheep or come upon unique lizards native to the area.

All of this and we haven't even mentioned the National Parks that brink millions of people to Moab. Arches National Park is one of the most visited parks in the area and is home to hundreds of arch formations. Canyonlands National Park is the second most visited park in the area with thousands miles of untouched high desert waiting to be explored. There are many more state and national parks in the Moab area waiting to be explored which can't be covered here.

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